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“The smallest action is better than the biggest intention.”
We are looking for people who want to join our movement.

  • Be an ambassador

    Share our sentiment and identify yourself with the project. We offer you the opportunity to act as an ambassador, share our objectives and your own will be shared too.

  • Be a volunteer

    We are looking for the support of volunteers with courage and passion who want to be part of this movement. People that share their light and sparkle will be reflected in the eyes of the people they help.

  • Make a donation

    We currently need funding for three projects that we are developing in Tanzania: The construction of a football school, the purchase of two micro-buses and the purchase of sports supplies and materials.

Projects in development

  • Football boarding school for children in Arusha

    We are building the first football school in Arusha (Tanzania).

    First challenge: In this region, the amount of street kids increase every year. These children do not have families; there aren’t enough orphanages for them and have absolutely nothing. The average life expectancy is no higher than 30 years old.

    Second challenge: The trafficking of football players. These are the slaves of football; they need a real opportunity in a local football school in order to fulfil their dreams.

    Situated next to the football grounds, the School of Football will offer shelter, food, training and education to more than 50 children.

    It consists of a football ground, 4 classrooms, 12 bedrooms, a canteen, a kitchen and bathrooms.

    These children need 50,000 goals in order to build this football school.

    1 goal = 1 Euro

  • Microbuses to take children to their training sessions

    The children need two microbuses to arrive safely to their training sessions.

    Those between the ages of 5 and 14 approximately, currently have to set off by foot on a 15 kilometres journey that takes over an hour, just reach the football grounds. Football is their passion. Along their journey, they run great danger of charging animals such as elephants, or being hit by vehicles on the perilous roads.

    They need 16,000 kilometres in order to purchase the microbuses.

    1 km = 1€

  • Purchase of sports supplies

    They play football barefoot in the dusty ground. They make their football with bits of bags and a rope.

    The children need trainers and footballs. Their feet suffer daily injuries due to not having the minimum and necessary equipment.

    1 football = 10 euros// A pair of trainers= 20 euros

Create a fundraising event

If you want to help us raise our funds, join our movement and organise a charity event. You will be collaborating to finance running projects and it is a great way to form part of our movement.

You only have to get in touch with us and present your idea: parties, concerts, bring and buy stalls, charity meals, sports events. Any idea is a good idea!

Charity football clubs

We want to establish a network of charity football clubs that promote football values as a means of changing lives. Being a charity football club is a commitment to defending the rights of childhood and of women, through a sport that is fighting against the trafficking of talented football players. It is a promise to getting involved in an active way with an objective of promoting universal education and equal opportunities

Spread the word!

Communication is one of man’s greatest abilities. We want you to get in touch with us, whatever the subject may be. If you are interested in supporting a particular aspect of our movement, for instance, coming to Tanzania, to support us or if you would like to play football with a Western African team or simply just greet us. Share your ideas or doubts and write to us on this email:

Thank you very much!

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