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“Providing goal nets, footballs and trainers in order to help stop poverty in Tanzania”

Offering professional football training gives a breath of hope for children, develops their skills and helps them to form the citizens of the future.

We provide the youth of Tanzania the skills of adaptation, adjustment, responsibility and leadership. We create the opportunities to achieve their dreams as footballers and insist that football and education goes hand in hand: “No school, no play”. .

The children learn to trust in themselves and to work as a team. Their talents are constantly nourished and encouraged.

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  • Supporting local schools and football clubs

    “Holes in their trainers, worn out shirts, planks of wood for goal posts… Hopes and smiles”

    We support all the local football schools that are currently running in Tanzania. The majority of them surpass 200 students, due to the lack of materials and resources they are unable to take in more aspiring players.

  • Education through football

    “Sleepless nights, days without food but in spite of this, their smiles never fail to captivate us.”

    We help orphaned children through the means of football. We provide them with food, shelter and economic support so that they have the opportunity of attending school.

  • Developing a women’s football league

    “They have the same passion as the boys; it is revealed by their nostalgic gaze towards the unkempt football field in the outskirts of the city, whilst they walk with litres of water carefully balanced on their heads."

    Our mission is to create a league for women’s football in Tanzania, in order to do away with gender stereotypes, gain self-confidence and ultimately foster their interest in football.

  • Coach and referee training

    “A good leader ensures that with every step forward he becomes increasingly unnecessary.”

    We train football leaders with the objective that they can pass on not only football techniques but ethics, values and life skills.

  • Offer support to talented players

    “Don’t tell me that the sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon!”

    We monitor every one of our players, identifying those with a special talent for football and guiding them in their professional careers.

  • Collection of sports materials

    “He used to go barefoot to the training sessions and the others thought it was because he didn’t like to play football.”

    Thousands of children go to their weekly football training sessions barefoot, they play in sandals or barefoot with worn out and torn clothes.

  • Football sessions in schools

    “He dreamed about playing football in a team, but that hope had always been impossible until football training came to him.”

    We develop football programs in local Tanzanian schools, travelling weekly to teach not only football but fundamental life skills and values.

  • National and international tournaments

    “He had heard someone talk about how football was played in other countries, but never did he dream that one day he would experience it.”

    We organise local tournaments in Tanzania, national tournaments in Africa and international tournaments in the partnership football clubs in different countries around the world.

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