Opportunity Football Stars :: Goals that change lives

Opportunity Football Stars is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania.

Born of the union among various Tanzanian football schools for the betterment of the lives of the local youth.

Using the universal language of footbal as a tool to educate and shelter the most needed kids and teens as well as supporting the development of professional players among the local talent.

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Some of our challenges

  • The development of a women´s football league

    "The girls have the same passion as the boys, they transmit it in their nostalgic glances at the improvised football fields in their city, as they pass by carrying litres of water on top of their heads." "

    To create a structure for women´s football in Tanzania. Breaking the stereotypes. Gaining confidence in themselves by having the opportunity to play football.

  • To provide support to local football schools

    "Holes in their shoes, torn shirts, wooden scraps as goals. Smiles and Dreams."

    We support all the local football schools in Tanzania. Most of them have more than 200 students. They can´t increase their numbers due to lack of funds.

  • To provide support for local talent

    “He wouldn´t allow anyone to tell him the sky is the limit when he knew there were footprints on the moon."

    We follow each one of our players, identifying they specific capacities, offering them support to develop their professional careers.

All our challenges
  • Non-governmental Organization

  • A new life for local boys and girls

  • Footbal is a universal language

  • Education and Development


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